We offer expert residential, commercial, and industrial excavating services. Whether you need a foundation dug, a large concrete pad broken up and removed or final landscaping grading, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right piece of equipment!

Foundation Excavation

Cardi Construction has invested heavily to ensure that the right piece of equipment is available for the job. This means se lecting the best bucket size to complete the job quickly and accurately. Smart developers recognize that lower hourly rates add up to a more expensive job when small or inexperienced operators can’t size the equipment to the job. Cardi Construc tion’s extensive, well-maintained fleet ensures that the most cost-efficient equipment is ready for the job.

Choosing the right equipment is only the beginning. Cardi Construction’s well-known commitment to quality helps develop ers stay on time and on budget. First to introduce laser technology, Cardi Construction takes pride in its reputation for accu rate foundation excavations which eliminate extra stone base requirements and save money.

Foundation Backfill

Most companies use bulldozers to backfill foundation walls, putting them at greater risk of damage. Cardi Construction take the extra care to backfill foundations with an excavator where possible. By lower native material gently against the new foun dation walls, the structure and the schedule are protected against costly damaged and delays. With Cardi Construction, the job is done quickly and it’s done well!

Rough & Final Grading

Homebuilders turn to Cardi Construction for rough and final grading to eliminate risk of damage while working in the com pact areas typical of new subdivisions. Cardi operators have the equipment and the experience to eliminate drainage prob lems that result from an inaccurately formed grade.


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